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A new platform for giving you access to the knowledge you need to make better decisions in work and life

You know how complex and interconnected today’s world has become. Yet most media platforms are devoid of knowledge. They give you only selected fragments of confusing and often conflicting information. This leads to poor choices, from grassroots to the boardroom to the halls of government.

The inability to make decisions will likely create an undesirable future leaving a company to the graveyard of companies’ past” – Aaron D. Bare

Mainstream publications, both paper and electronic, are frequently out-of-date.  The publishing process is slow to the point where changes in the subject matter may be happening faster than the ability to publish.  Worse yet, as headlines change, important updates to “yesterday’s news” slowly fade into the background and often end up either lost or forgotten.  

We aim to correct these shortfalls so you can make faster and better decisions, with less time and money wasted searching and navigating your way through oceans of data and information.  Which means you have a much better chance of knowing what you need to know when you need to know it.  Problems and opportunities no longer need go unnoticed.  And you can be confident that you’re working with the latest knowledge.

We aim to promote a return to the practice of critical thinking at deeper levels, as opposed to blanket acceptance of cherry-picked “facts” and “expert advice”

We do this by building and curating eBodies of Knowledge (eBoKs) that help you visually connect the dots, reveal root causes, and formulate systemic solutions based on lessons learned from similar situations.

Our ultimate goal is the democratization of knowledge

Our curated eBoKs have two sides: a narrative side and a visual (knowledge graph) side (see figure below). This helps you to…

1) gain a deeper understanding of the complexity of our world by revealing and connecting the many dots that are mostly hidden from view
2) think more broadly and deeply about important issues
3) formulate systemic, as opposed to piecemeal, solutions

With our eBoKs, you’ll experience a whole new virtuous cycle of continuous knowledge discovery for your personal enrichment and professional growth

More about eBoKs and their role in capturing and curating expert knowledge…

Introducing our inaugural eBoK:

Building and curating e-Bodies of Knowledge

An e-Body of Knowledge about building and curating e-Bodies of Knowledge

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