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A major upheaval of the global workforce is underway as an entire generation enters retirement. At the same time, an explosion in AI and automation is completely transforming the nature of work itself. Jobs are being eliminated while new highly specialized jobs remain unfilled.

As a business leader, you’re probably looking for ways to…

  • capture and transfer the valuable “know-how” of the departing workforce (through programs such as succession planning or mentoring)
  • trying to figure out how much of that knowledge should be performed by humans and how much should be automated.

On the human side, let’s say you succeed in transferring an expert’s critical knowledge to a successor or apprentice. When that expert leaves, the newly transferred knowledge still resides in only one person’s head.  In terms of the risk of knowledge loss, you’re still no better off…

knowledge flows from one person to the next

On the machine side, much of that previous human expert knowledge is being programmed into more accurate and efficient automated systems. In some instances, human knowledge is completely discarded and replaced with knowledge generated solely through AI and machine learning.

This raises some serious questions. Who’s minding the store??? Do you really know what’s going on “under the hood,” deep inside an AI platform or algorithm?

One way to address this problem is to “tap into the flow” while the knowledge is either being transferred or re-discovered, as illustrated below…

illustration of knowledge flows  mediated by a person, a machine, or both
Tapping into the flow of knowledge from expert to “nextpert” and/or machine

This gives you many advantages.  Once captured and stored, knowledge can be continually:

  • vetted
  • adapted
  • expanded
  • applied
  • improved…

As you’re doing this, the number of users (knowledge seekers and knowledge sources) continues to grow.  In other words, critical knowledge no longer ends up residing in the minds of only one or a few key individuals.  And automating that knowledge increases your overall capacity while freeing up your workforce to do more creative work.  This eBody of Knowledge (eBoK) shows you how to make all of this happen in a consistent, systematic way.

  This isn’t just another online reference manual.  It’s a living, ever-expanding, continuously updated eBody of Knowledge.

You’ll find this eBoK:

  • highly modularized
  • conveniently organized into categories, topics, and subtopics
  • logically sequenced, so you can go through the entire knowledge base from beginning to end, just as you would a book or traditional training course
  • adaptable – browse and select the topics that interest you the most
  • searchable – by simply entering keywords.

Here’s a sampling of some of the topics to which you’ll have unlimited access:

  • What knowledge curation looks like (free access)
  • Why you need to start building an eBody of Knowledge
  • A (very) brief history of knowledge curation (free access)
  • The basics of knowledge curation
  • “The Four Hops:” why knowledge capture and transfer isn’t easy (free access)
  • Knowledge curation do’s and don’ts
  • Formulating a knowledge curation strategy and plan
  • Getting started: performing an initial knowledge curation assessment
  • Deciding which knowledge should be curated, the best formats, and how to organize it
  • Identifying the best knowledge capture and transfer modalities for your situation
  • Designing and implementing a framework for human and machine knowledge governance
  • Determining key competencies and skills
  • Formulating strategies for maintaining trust and assurance
  • Monitoring and rewarding performance
  • Setting up and implementing a training program
  • Spreading the word
  • Formulating a knowledge systems architecture that’s in alignment with your overall enterprise architecture and strategy
  • Using commercially available and open-source tools that won’t bust your budget
  • Definitions of key terms, reference documents, and downloadable worksheets
  • and much more…

You can check out the complete Table of Contents – the introductory areas have free access.

You’ll find this eBoK particularly useful if you are a:

  • Subject matter expert or professional knowledge worker looking for better ways to capture and organize your knowledge
  • Knowledge management (KM) leader or practitioner
  • Corporate or special librarian making the transition to a knowledge librarian
  • Content author, site owner, and content custodian 
  • Interested in gaining a deeper understanding of the methods, tools, and practices for capturing, transferring, and curating knowledge.

This eBoK is built upon decades of experience in designing, building, testing, deploying, and curating personal and institutional knowledge for organizations of all types and sizes.  In essence, we’re “eating our own cooking” and sharing our knowledge and experience of what works, what doesn’t work, and why.

This is NOT an academic monograph.  We’ve purposefully made it simple and easy to understand, with references to the underlying theory, should you care to explore further.  Best of all, it’s professionally curated.  If something changes, we’ll let you know by sending out periodic alerts.  We’re always on the lookout for new methods and practices, as well as continually sharing new lessons learned from our ongoing work in the field.

Best of all, we’ve priced this eBody of Knowledge within easy reach, regardless of your position in the organization.

The cost of a one-year subscription is only $99, which gives you…

  • Access to all articles
  • The ability to post questions and comments
  • An invitation to contribute and share your own knowledge and experience.

You’ll be part of a close-knit community of like-minded individuals from organizations of all sizes and industry types, including government and non-profit associations.

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